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I'm sorry for not being really active lately... I've been focused on my websites, fanlistings and shrines. I revamped my network and some designs, including the main layout which you can see here:

Besides that... one of my dogs, Braco, got a tumour. It's cancer. The only thing we can do is amputate his leg, he has it on the upper portion of the leg and it's becoming a real burden to him, he can't use that leg anymore and it's the only alternative we can take.

Chances are he will develop cancer somewhere else too in the future, but we'll try to medicate him and the first step is getting rid of the leg T_T It's so sad and tough. But the tumour is really attached to the nerves and bones so, we really have no choice...

The surgery is this Friday. I'll write again after that happens. But for now, I'm not really in the mood for blogging as you can see, so please excuse me if I don't comment much and, if you need me, please leave me a message or a comment somewhere and I'll get back to you.


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